Teitakusubako / Naoki Hayasaka + Yuta Onoda

House in Kamakura

Kamakura, 2022

In praise of gable roof – As a style commonly used in many buildings, gable roof has been widely adopted in the history of architecture. ...

Jun Ishikawa Architect


Tokyo, 2022

The conditions were to create a minimalist design inside and out, to be able to park a slightly oversized 4-wheel drive vehicle in front ...

Hirotaka Sato Architectural Design Office

Atami Beachside Hotel

Atami City, Shizuoka, 2022

A newly built hotel overlooking Atami Sun Beach. Atami's fireworks festival is held right in front of you. In order to take advantage of ...

Hirotaka Sato Architectural Design Office

Net Worth Cafe

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 2018

The interior of the office in GINZA SIX. The biggest feature is that the entrance and conference space has been transformed into a café s...

Baum Style Architect

House in Tai

Tamano City, Okayama, 2019

For several years, we searched for land in search of a rich environment and arrived at this mountainous area. As for his request, it ...

MMAAA / Tatsuro Miki + Ryosuke Motohashi

Building in Hirakawacho

Chiyoda-city, 2023

The site is located in the middle of Kaizaka, which runs down from Kojimachi towards Nagatacho, just one street from the main street. Whe...

Jun Ishikawa Architect


Fukushima, 2021

A house with an office where the cat also "goes to work". The client, a professional couple with a cat, worked late into the night at the...

Organic Design Inc.

Noguchi Company House

Tokyo, 2020

Employee housing as well as the residence of a regional company president with its head office on the Arakawa River was planned in the st...

Baum Style Architect

House in Mabi Ⅲ

Kurashiki City, Okayama, 2021

Following Mabicho no Ie II, this is a house for a family that was affected by the heavy rains in western Japan. Houses built on land surr...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Ebisu SA Building

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 2017

Sited in central Tokyo area, standing between the busy Street and the Ebisu-Park where children’s voices are echoed resonantly. The 10 st...

Atelier BNK

Memuro Town Hall

Memuro-cho, Hokkaido, 2021

This project is for a town hall for Memuro Town, located in the Tokachi region. Taking advantage of the site, which serves as the focal p...

Atelier BNK

Takasu District Residents Center

Takasu-cho, Hokkaido, 2019

In Takasu Town, which is adjacent to Asahikawa City in central Hokkaido, two districts form an urban area as dormitory towns for Asahikaw...

Atelier BNK

Kuromatsunai Town Hall Renovation / Disaster…

Kuromatsunai-cho, Hokkaido, 2015

This project involved the large-scale repair (earthquake proofing and insulation) of a Government Office Building, which had stood for mo...

Baum Style Architect

House in Takahashi

Takahashi City, Okayama, 2019

The site is located in a corner of the castle town of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, close to a street th...

MMAAA / Tatsuro Miki + Ryosuke Motohashi

Apartment in Futaba-cho

Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 2020

Impasse as a common space of the city This building is located in the western suburbs of Tokyo. Since the construction rate is 60% and...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 2022

his small two-story, wood-frame house is tucked into a downtown residential neighborhood. The clients, a couple with minimalist taste and...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

Tsukuigaoka Kindergarten

Kanagawa, 2022

This kindergarten, which opened in 1979, is located on a hill in the Tsukui district of Sagamihara City, a commuter town of Tokyo. It has...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Yamagiwa Osaka Showroom & Office

Chuo-ku, Osaka, 2022

We were commissioned to design a new Osaka showroom for century-old lighting manufacturer Yamagiwa. Drawing inspiration from the company’...

NKS2 architects

Sky Vessel House

Kanda-town, Fukuoka, 2022

This is a house for a couple living in a suburban residential area. Although the couple's living space was important, they also needed a ...


House in Yokosuka

Yokosuka, Kabagawa, 2022

“Positive” utilization of imitative elements – When an "imitative" material is used instead of its original one, we have a tendency to ma...

Baum Style Architect

House in Mitsu

Okayama City, Okayama, 2022

This is a house for a young couple in their early 30s and one child, located in Kita Ward, Okayama City. (Scheduled for a second person i...

Baum Style Architect

House in Seki

Okayama City, Okayama, 2020

This is a house for a family of four, located in a quiet residential area in Okayama City. Since the site faces the road on the south sid...

Baum Style Architect

House in Ushimado

Setouchi City, Okayama, 2018

A house for a couple who moved from Kanto after retirement. Ushimado-cho, Setouchi City, located in the southwestern part of Okayama Pref...

Baum Style Architect

Minami Ward Annex

Okayama City,Okayama, 2017

An atelier (house) built in a quiet residential area about 40 years after it was developed in southern Okayama Prefecture. The surroundin...

Baum Style Architect

House with two Gardens

Okayama City,Okayama, 2016

A residence built in a residential area near the university campus in the center of Okayama. In order to secure the privacy of a house in...

Baum Style Architect

Shiraishi Residence

Okayama City, Okayama, 2014

A house built in a newly subdivided general residential area. The grounds are relatively spacious. A busy couple and their two children w...


Skip Floors in Chigasaki

Chigasaki, Kanagawa, 2019

The owner, who is my old friend, has lived in this land for generations with a family of three, so-called landlords. The adjacent land...

Araki + Sasaki Architects

Lightwell Staircase House

Kita-ku, Tokyo, 2023

This house for a family of four with a building area of 26 m2 was built on a site of only 45 m2, sandwiched between a 3.3 m wide north-fr...

Araki + Sasaki Architects

Gokurakuji House

Kamakura, Kanagawa, 2019

The site is at the end of the valley located on the Miura Hills near Kamakura. The retaining wall is bright due to sunlight, and the surr...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Shoeizan Sengyoji Temple

Toshima-ku Tokyo, 2018

Urban temple, cemetery

Mount Fuji Architects Studio


Nagoya, Aichi, 2017

Tenant building

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

House in Araiyakushi

Tokyo, 2015

Embrace aspects of the city directly The surrounding of the site is a dense area of dwellings and commercial buildings. There are many l...



Futtsu, Chiba, 2022

Rental villa with pool within 1 hour from central Tokyo This is a single rental villa that can accommodate up to 8 people. Taking advant...

Love Architecture

Kezouin Fuchu-shi Cemetery "Yoyo-no-niwa"

Fuchu, Tokyo, 2023

-From a set of compartments to a holistic theory- Dignity and permanence of the sanctuary No matter how much society changes, the "gr...





House in Nishimikado

Kamakura, Kanagawa, 2020

A house embracing unique path – The site of this house is located in Nishimikado area of Kamakura city. The name of the area came from ...

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