La Touche Originale

La Touche Originale is a French wallpaper brand. Collaborating with contemporary and original artists, the brand gathers a rich variety ...


The Ritz Carlton, Nikko

Tochigi, 2020

We paid particular attention to the focus points to bring out the characteristics of each area while maintaining a connection to the spac...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Tenjin Business Center

Fukuoka, 2021

OMA’s only built project in Japan up until 2012 can be found in Fukuoka. The Nexus World Housing complex was completed more than twenty-f...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Kagoshima, 2020

The site along the main road is 17m in frontage x 59m in depth, with buildings scattered among the fields in the surrounding area, and th...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Atami Tower House

Atami, Shizuoka, 2020

Atami Tower House is located on a steep site in Atami where it faces a beautiful view to the sea using reinforced concrete structure sinc...

Ashida Architect & Associates


Minami-Uonuma, Niigata, 2019

“ryugon” is a 50 years old hot spring hotel in the Niigata prefecture in Japan. It was originally built by relocating traditional Japanes...

Ashida Architect & Associates

Hyperbolic Roof House

Ohta, Tokyo, 2016

A residence for a family of three in a residential area in Tokyo. The first floor houses the private rooms and water supply, while the se...


Aloft Tokyo Ginza

Tokyo, 2020

Aloft was actively involved in the art of using AV. We heard that Aloft also wants to project dynamic visual images to the ceiling in thi...

1moku co.

Royal Classic Himeji

Hyogo, 2020

During the renovation of this garden, the first thing we sought was to create a sense of separation from the surrounding environment by u...


Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto

Kyoto, 2020

A hotel that blends with the beauty of Japan was born in a place with a long history that has evolved over time. WORKTECHT & Co. is respo...



We dared to put the spotlight on paper, which is often used as a material for wallpaper. By folding, tearing, wrinkling, and otherwise ad...



Designed by artist Soji Matsunobu. The work is a conceptual artwork in which black/shadow is reinterpreted as a physical drawing line. Wh...


Galleria Midobaru

Beppu, Oita, 2020

Site-specific hotel that enhances experience value This is a hotel that was built in Beppu, a hot spring resort area, as a business ow...


Wall Den

Oita city, Oita, 2018

Make holes in the forested walls and live This residence is built on land between two bifurcated roads with gentle and steep uphill sl...


Regeneration of Oita Bank Red Brick Building

Oita city, Oita, 2017

"Kingo TATSUNO Architecture" to "Creative Hub" "Oita Bank Red Brick Building" is an important cultural property in the history of modern...


bamboo bamboo

Beppu, Oita, 2014

Space equipment that change according to the mode of the shop This is a select shop that mainly deals with the works of bamboo craftsm...


The Y house of Takiyama complex housing

Higashikurume, Tokyo, 2014

Space that spreads inward, built in a small section The housing complexes in Japan have problems of deterioration and aging. On the ot...


Street Renovator

Oita City, Oita, 2013

Architecture that gives the town greenness and depth This is a complex building with offices and houses in the city of Oita. We design...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Kunigami, Okinawa, 2021

This residence in the mountainous region of northern Okinawa known as Gushiku Mui serves as a weekend and vacation home for a client whos...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower

Tokyo, 2016

This is an office tower with the architectural design concept of water scenery in harmony with nature. With the station directly connecte...


n-HA1 Forecity Higashiazabu

Minato-ku Tokyo, 2004


Keio Futsubu School

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2001


Garden Passage Hiroo

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 2001


Shinobu Sushi

Tokyo, 2017

It is a small hideaway sushi restaurant. We tried to make the fresh fish look more delicious so as not to disturb the sushi, which is the...


Hatsuse Mita

Minato, Tokyo, 2019

A big house An owner-occupied rental apartment building typically has its owner's penthouse above the rental units. Hatsuse Mita is al...


Biotope along the By-pass

Nisshin, Aichi, 2019

Biotope The house sits on a subdivided plot in the new residential area of the newly finished land rezoning project in front of the Ko...


Three-tiered Platforms

Nisshin, Aichi, 2017

Tiered Foundation Perched on A Slope The site is located on the hillside of a small mountain overlooking the city. It is bound by two ...


Plain Wood Base Clinic

Toyota, Aichi, 2016

Create a space in-between with plain wood It is a small clinic along the large national highway of Toyota city with the scenery of so-...


Annex of Annex

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2015

Living in the micro-morphology of a city "The site" of this project is a garage at the corner of a 35-year-old residence with a clinic...


Passage of Landscape

Toyota, Aichi, 2014

This is a house for the family of three. 3 gate-shaped frames which compose wall, floor and ceiling are layered in tiers by 650mm for ...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

JR Yokohama Tower

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2020

"Finding your place at Yokohama station" JR Yokohama Tower is part of a reconstruction project and the landmark structure for the west e...

Soeda and Associates

Kinubashi Pharmacy

Utsunomiya, 2012

This is a new construction of a dispensing pharmacy that is built across a main arterial road from the existing clinic. The site faces t...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Kannai Blade Residence

Kanagawa-ken, 2021

The Kannai Blade Residence - so called because its facades are intersected with thin, bladelike concrete fins - has been designed by the ...


Cielia Tower Sendai Aobadori

Sendai, 2021

The memory of the land and the characteristics of the area were taken into the room as they were, and We tried to design it so that it wo...

Keiichi Hayashi Architect

Taguchi House

Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo, 2013

This small, three-story wooden house is located on a flagpole lot in a dense residential neighborhood. Building codes relating to setback...

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