Matsuyama Architect and Associates

One-Room Residence of 5 Layers

Munakata, Fukuoka, 2016

The site had been left undeveloped as it was a part of steep land. We intended to resolve all the architectural issues by utilizing the c...

Niko Design Studio

House for Children

Saga, 2019

Helin & Co Architects

Metsä Pavilion

Tokyo, 2020

Helin & Co Architects has designed a wooden Metsä pavilion in Tokyo on the site of the Finnish Embassy in Japan, which is centrally l...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Kanto, 2020

The clients purchased the tiered, irregularly shaped lot as a place to spend meaningful time as a family. They wanted courtyards to play ...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Fuchu, Tokyo, 2018

The roof and exterior walls are constructed from metallic grey Galvalume which both forms a structural skin and protects the privacy of t...


WhO Interior Sheet

オフィス、商業施設、大型複合ビル、ホテルなどの壁面はもちろん、扉、ドア枠、家具、建具、スチールパーティションや鉄扉などの”金属下地”にも対応した粘着剤付 塩ビシートマテリアル「WhO Interior Sheet」。 ビニルクロスよりも耐擦過性に優れ、複合ビルのエント...

Soeda and Associates


Kawasaki, 2014

An apartment building is generally divided in two types of areas, namely exclusively-owned areas and communal areas, and can be expressed...

Soeda and Associates


Ota-ku, Tokyo, 2018

The site is located halfway up the slope in a quiet residential area in Tokyo. The existing wooden apartment building stood on the elevat...

Soeda and Associates


Kawasaki, 2020

This is a reconstruction of a construction company that has operated a construction store in this area for three generations. The existin...

Soeda and Associates


Kawasaki, 2010

The site is located in an area with a mixture of houses, rental apartments, and small factories. The site is long and narrow from east to...

Soeda and Associates

House in Utsunomiya 1

Utsunomiya, 2010

The site is a residential area in a local city. It is bordered on the north by a 4-meter road, and two-story houses are adjacent on three...

Soeda and Associates


Utsunomiya, 2007

The buildings were built about 30 years ago in a rural area of the city. The eaves, height, construction method, and materials are consis...

Schri Kakinuma

Villa in Kamenoi

Yufuin-cho, Oita, 2015

Renovation project of this ryokan started back in Spring, 2015 and is still in progress. The ryokan offers 20 guest rooms that are locate...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Kiya Ryokan

Uwajima, Ehime, 2012

A renovation project of Kiya Ryokan; a well-established ryokan founded in Meiji 44 (1911) in Uwajima, Ehime. The renovated ryokan reopene...

Field Four Design Office

109 Cinemas Grandberrypark

Tokyo, 2019

A renovation project for a cinema complex in “Minami-machida Grandberry Park” where redevelopment was conducted to integrate the building...

Yashima architect and associates

Otakanomori house

Nagareyama, Chiba, 2018

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

Tokyo Diagonal Tower

Tokyo, 2019

A tower residential building within 15-minutes’ walk from Tokyo Tower. As the site is compact and its frontal road being roughly 5m, the ...

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Yoyogi ANNEX

Tokyo, 2010


Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Kitaseizawa House

Karuizawa , 2009

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Mt. Asama House

Karuizawa Oiwake , 2006

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Higashiminemachi House

Tokyo, 2004

Maniera Architect & Associates


Ashiya, Hyogo, 2019

The north of the block is connected to rokurokusocho, one of Japan's senior residential areas. The remains of the quarry were found near ...

Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture

Escenario Fudomae

Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2019

Escenario Fudomae is a 19-unit, 8-story reinforced concrete apartment complex built very close to Meguro Fudoson, along Kamuro Saka-dori,...


Creators Circle/Creators

様々な分野のクリエイターからクリエイターへ、紹介によって数珠のようにバトンをつないで壁紙をデザインしていくリレープロジェクト。 ・グラフィックデザイナー 山野英之より3点 ・グラフィックデザイナー 三重野龍より2点 ・ファッションデザイナー 雪浦聖子より2点 ・グラ...


Off-grid house in Yokohama

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2017


Mitsushi Yanaihara Exhibition

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2019

Hiroyuki Ito Architects

Uehara Apartment

Shibuya, Tokyo, 2018

It was requested to divide the plot of this apartment into two strips, which makes the space between two parallel volumes dark and monoto...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.


Nagoya, Aichi, 2016

Two aspects of ‘Old city of Ordinary people’ and ‘New big merchant City’ This building is a rental building that has 6-stories RC cons...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.


Nagoya, Aichi, 2020

This building is a 5-story tenant building in Osu, Nagoya. The building consists of two seismic cores made of steel-framed reinforced con...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Hiroshima Global Academy

Osakikamijima-cho, Hiroshima, 2021

There are two school sites, with the ground on the sea side and the school on the land side. Since it was a vague site, the land side set...

Yo Yamagata Architects


Kanagawa Prefecture, 2020

The site is located on a hillside in an urbanization control zone in the suburbs of Yokohama. The mother, three daughters, and several ca...

atelier cube / Masahiro Kiyohara


Saga Prefecture, 2014

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Urbanperm Minami Aoyama

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2008

URBANPREM MINAMI AOYAMA is a commercial building located in a small street off from the main Aoyama Street. While Aoyama Street is lined ...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

A Hill on a House

Tokyo, 2006

“A Hill on a House” is located in central Tokyo. The house is built on a property of 6.5 m width and 20 m depth, surrounded by tall build...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Louis Vuitton

Kyoto Daimaru, 2004

We restructured the "vertical lattice”̶one of the representing scenes of Kyoto̶and embedded into the facade of the newly opened Louis Vui...

Environmental Planning Studio

-Nagisa-no-Koban- SEA BRIDGE

Hiroshima, 2021

[design concept] Creating a new focus of interest in the Shimanami Region This is an attempt to bring an up-to-date look to the local be...

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