Terms & Conditions

1. Preface

1.1 PSA Publishers operates an information platform for architects, landscape architects, engineers, planners, manufacturers, designers, dealers, agents, construction clients, and consumers at www.world-architects.com and on the pages linked thereto (hereinafter “www.world-architects.com“ or „world-architects.com“ ).

1.2. world-architects.com enables access to and use of the platform on the basis of these General Terms & Conditions of Business (hereinafter „GTC“ ).

1.3. The website www.world-architects.com contains non-binding information, which in no way constitutes a part of any contractual or other business relationship. PSA Publishers intends the website www.world-architects.com merely as a directory of selected services, manufacturers, and products.

1.4. The services offered at world-architects.com are intended exclusively for persons of legal age.

1.5. These GTC govern the relationship between PSA Publishers as the platform operator, registered users, and third-party suppliers or partners.

1.6. By registering as a user at world-architects.com, you accept, without limitation, all the following general terms and conditions regarding the usage of world-architects.com.

1.7. The user may access, print out, or save these GTC at any time, even after an agreement is entered into, through the „Legal“ link on world-architects.com.

2. Registration

2.1. world-architects.com is freely available to all interested parties. Certain services are accessible only to registered users. Registration is free of charge. We reserve the right to introduce additional, fee-based premium services at a later date.

2.2. Only natural persons of legal age are permitted to register.

2.3. Each user is allowed to register at world-architects.com only once. By registering, the user confirms that he is not yet a member or that he has deleted an earlier existing account.

2.4. To register, the user must fill in the required fields on the registration form completely, accurately, and truthfully. Registering a user with someone else’s information or with information that is otherwise incorrect is not permitted.

2.5. The user may register only under his correct civil name. The use of pseudonyms or invented names is not permitted.

2.6. A right to enter into a use agreement does not exist. world-architects.com may reject a registration without giving reasons.

2.7. The ability to identify persons on the Internet is very limited. world-architects.com therefore cannot guarantee that the information provided represents a user’s true identity. It is up to each user to convince himself of the identity of another user.

3. Deleting an account

3.1. To delete a User Account, the user should send an email with the subject "Delete Account" and specify the relevant email address(es) to [email protected]

3.2. world-architects.com may terminate the use agreement at any time without giving reasons and without observing a period of notice.

3.3. Once an account has been successfully deleted, all of the user’s personal data are no longer visible to other users.

4. General terms of use

4.1. In general, a right to use the world-architects.com platform does not exist. Use of world-architects.com is at the user’s own risk. The user is solely liable for harm to his own system resulting from use of world-architects.com.

4.2. world-architects.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of data or of information linked to on third-party websites.

4.3. All users are prohibited from interfering with the operational performance of world-architects.com by means of technical acts (such as executing scripts, hacking attempts, spreading viruses, worms, or trojans, brute force attacks, etc.)

4.4 Also prohibited is the dissemination through world-architects.com of discriminatory, defamatory, racist, pornographic, violent, or otherwise unlawful data or statements.

4.5. The user is not permitted to disseminate advertising, political articles, mass mailings, chain letters, or contests through world-architects.com

4.6. No data belonging to other users may be collected, stored, or otherwise propagated unless the affected party has given his express consent.

4.7. The data and mailing addresses of other users may not be utilized for commercial purposes or for unsolicited advertising.

4.8. All applications exist only within the limits of current technology. It may become necessary to temporarily restrict certain services (owing to capacity limits, security releases, etc.). Reasonable notice will be given of foreseeable maintenance work.

4.9. Third-party content also is included on the world-architects.com platform. Such third-party content must be identified as such by an appropriate indication, e.g., „Advertisement“ or „Presented by“ . If and insofar as a contractual arrangement is offered in connection with such third-party content, any such contractual arrangement, if entered into, is brought about exclusively with the responsible party identified as the offeror.

4.10. world-architects.com is entitled to disclose user data to partners for the delivery of premium services.

4.11. world-architects.com is entitled to disclose user data when legal provisions, judicial orders, or government regulations oblige it to do so.

5. The user’s duties

5.1. The password selected for registration must be treated confidentially and must not be disclosed to third parties.

5.2. Users are prohibited from enabling third parties to use world-architects.com with someone else’s data. If world-architects.com incurs damage through an account, the owner of that account is liable in full.

5.3. In general, users are required to promptly notify world-architects.com if there are legitimate signs of a breach of these GTC or other abuses.

5.4. Users are obligated to inform world-architects.com immediately if there is reason to suspect that a third party has knowledge of access data and/or is abusing an account.

6. Copyrights and licenses

6.1. The user bears full responsibility for any legally protected content that he makes available on world-architects.com (texts, images, videos, graphics, links, etc.). The user must independently ensure that no third-party rights (copyrights, licenses, trademarks, or personality rights) are infringed.

6.2. The user is fully liable should third parties assert claims. You agree that neither PSA Publishers nor word-architects.com will be liable should third parties assert claims. The user shall bear the full costs of any necessary legal defense in the legal amount (court costs and legal expenses).

6.3. In the event a claim is brought by third parties, the user is obligated to promptly provide world-architects.com with all such information available to him as may be necessary for an examination of the claims and a defense.

6.4. Further claims for damages by world-architects.com against the user remain unaffected.

6.5. world-architects.com reserves the right to remove such content and/or links to other content without prior notice if and insofar as world-architects.com has concrete evidence indicating that making such content of links publicly accessible violates provisions of law or constitutes a breach of these GTC.

6.6. Any use the purpose of which is to utilize the provided content for business, commercial, or other profitable purposes is prohibited.

6.7. Except in those cases that are permitted by law, content that is accessible through world-architects.com may not be copied, disseminated, or otherwise made publicly accessible without the consent of the rights holder.

6.8. The user grants world-architects.com an unlimited, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable right to use, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, adapt, collect, modify, delete from, distribute, transmit and make derivative works of the content placed on world-architects.com by the user, including related intellectual property rights, in connection with offering, providing, marketing, and promoting world-architects.com in any medium now existing or developed in the future.

6.9. The appropriation and reuse of any world-architects.com source code is explicitly barred.

7. Sanctions for violations

7.1. Compliance with these GTC is important for the operational performance of world-architects.com. world-architects.com therefore imposes sanctions against users if there is concrete evidence indicating that a user has violated legal provisions, infringed the rights of third parties, or is in breach of good morals or these GTC. In addition, world-architects.com is entitled to remove incriminating content from the world-architects.com network without prior notice.

7.2. When choosing the sanction to be imposed, world-architects will consider the legitimate interests of the affected user.

7.3. The following measures are available to world-architects.com: deleting a user’s content, warning a user, temporarily or permanently blocking or deleting an account.

7.4 Gli utenti bloccati non sono autorizzati a registrarsi nuovamente su world-architects.com

8. Data protection

8.1. The protection of personal data is a central concern of world-architects.com. world-architects.com provides information in the Data Protection provisions on how personal data are handled.

8.2. Le misure di protezione dei dati di world-architects.com possono essere consultate e stampate in qualsiasi momento tramite il link Data Protection .

9. Modifiche future

9.1. world-architects.com si riserva il diritto di modificare le disposizioni delle presenti GTC in qualsiasi momento e senza fornire spiegazioni.

9.2. L'utente sarà avvisato via e-mail delle modifiche due settimane prima che abbiano effetto. Se l'utente non si oppone durante questo periodo, le modifiche si intendono accettate ed accordate reciprocamente.

9.3. world-architects.com promette di includere, nella e-mail che contiene le misure modificate, una nota separata consigliando all'utente l'importanza del periodo di due settimane.

9.4. Se l'utente contesta la validità delle nuove GTC entro il termine previsto, world-architects.com rimane autorizzata a risolvere il rapporto contrattuale con l'utente con 14 giorni di preavviso e ad eliminare l'account dopo ulteriori 14 giorni.

10. Disposizioni finali

10.1. Qualora singole disposizioni delle presenti CGC siano o diventino nulle, la validità delle altre disposizioni non sarà influenzato. Una disposizione inefficace è sostituita da una disposizione valida così come le parti, se fossero stati a conoscenza della carenza al momento il contratto è stato fatto, avrebbe accettato di raggiungere lo stesso, o almeno una, risultato economico simile. Lo stesso vale per il riempimento di lacune contrattuali.

10.2. Qualora singole disposizioni delle presenti CGC cadessero in disuso, non si deve trarre la conclusione che la disposizione in questione sia stata tacitamente annullata.

10.3. Qualora ulteriori disposizioni si rivelassero necessarie nell'interesse di facilitare i rapporti commerciali, le parti adottano le disposizioni ai sensi e con lo scopo delle presenti GTC e di un giusto equilibrio di interessi.

10.4. Le attuali GTC e il rapporto contrattuale tra world-architects.com e l'utente sono soggetti esclusivamente al diritto svizzero. Il foro competente è quello della sede di world-architects.com.

10.5. Questa scelta della giurisdizione è applicabile all'utente solo nella misura in cui non lo priva della protezione garantitagli dalle disposizioni obbligatorie di legge dello Stato in cui ha la sua residenza abituale.

Head Office: PSA Publishers Ltd.
Mainaustrasse 15
8008 Zurich

Phone +41 44 271 2711
Fax +41 44 271 2750
mail (at) world-architects.com

Per migliorare la leggibilità, le Condizioni Generali di contratto usano sempre la forma maschile quando si parla di persone. Salvo diversamente specificato, tuttavia, sono da intendersi come riferita a persone di entrambi i sessi.

Queste Condizioni Generali di Contratto per l'utilizzo della rete world-architects.com si applicano a tutti gli utenti che si sono registrati con successo, con il loro consenso a queste CG, il 1 maggio 2020 o successivamente; queste CG sono valide per gli utenti registrati prima di allora dal momento in cui gli utenti hanno dato il loro consenso.

Protezione dati

Versione del 20 Aprile, 2010

1. Protecting personal data is a central concern of world-architects.com. With these Data Protection provisions, world-architects.com provides information on how personal data are handled.

2. world-architects.com raccoglie, elabora e utilizza i dati personali in conformità alle disposizioni di legge applicabili in Svizzera sulla protezione dei dati.

3. world-architects.com uses personal data exclusively to enable those services of the world-architects.com platform for which registration is required.

4. Membership in world-architects.com is reserved exclusively to natural persons of legal age. Protecting the privacy of children is the responsibility of their parents.

5. At world-architects.com, the user may make his own privacy decisions. In his profile, the user can set his own privacy level and determine the degree to which he will be visible on the world-architects.com platform.

6. In his profile, a registered user can separately configure when and under what name (whether with his full name, a nickname, or completely anonymously) he wishes to appear.

7. Aside from the information he enters to register, the world-architects.com user may provide additional information on a voluntary basis. This is done in the profile settings. Voluntarily provided information becomes visible to all other world-architects.com users once it is entered, unless the information is specially marked.

8. world-architects.com offers groups, forums, blogs, etc. on the platform. Each group has one or more moderators who decide whether the group is accessible to a particular group of persons, to all world-architects.com members, or through search engines on the Internet. This information is displayed for each group; it is visible to users and, if so enabled by the moderator, to non-users as well.

9. A world-architects.com user may invite other persons to become members of world-architects.com. world-architects.com processes the personal data collected for this purpose exclusively for purposes of the invitation.

10. The world-architects.com platform uses cookies to identify the user for the duration of his visit. Access data are saved to a log file whenever a page is viewed. The data record that is saved contains the IP address, the remote host, the time, the status, the amount of transmitted data, the referrer site, and the product and version information pertaining to the browser used (user agent).

11. The procedure for deleting an account and the policy governing personal data and contributions on the world-architects.com platform are set forth in the General Terms & Conditions of Business (GTC).

12. world-architects.com reserves the right to amend these Data Protection provisions at any time if amendments become necessary owing to a later discovery of gaps in the provisions or in light of new world-architects.com services. world-architects.com will inform the user of all amendments by e-mail.

13. The Data Protection provisions of world-architects.com are part of the General Terms & Conditions of Business and may be accessed at any time via the „Data Protection“ link.

Head Office: PSA Publishers Ltd.
Mainaustrasse 15
8008 Zurich

Phone +41 44 271 2711
mail (at) world-architects.com

Per migliorare la leggibilità, le Condizioni Generali di contratto usano sempre la forma maschile quando si parla di persone. Salvo diversamente specificato, tuttavia, sono da intendersi come riferita a persone di entrambi i sessi.