Hirotaka Sato Architectural Design Office

Net Worth Cafe

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 2018

The interior of the office in GINZA SIX. The biggest feature is that the entrance and conference space has been transformed into a café s...

MMAAA / Tatsuro Miki + Ryosuke Motohashi

Building in Hirakawacho

Chiyoda-city, 2023

The site is located in the middle of Kaizaka, which runs down from Kojimachi towards Nagatacho, just one street from the main street. Whe...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Ebisu SA Building

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 2017

Sited in central Tokyo area, standing between the busy Street and the Ebisu-Park where children’s voices are echoed resonantly. The 10 st...

Yuko Nagayama & Associates

Yamagiwa Osaka Showroom & Office

Chuo-ku, Osaka, 2022

We were commissioned to design a new Osaka showroom for century-old lighting manufacturer Yamagiwa. Drawing inspiration from the company’...



Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, 2021

A renovation project of the entrance on the first floor of the EXEO Group head office building, which is a business of information and co...

Organic Design Inc.

Koyama Company Head Office

Toda, Saitama, 2020

Evolution from a Basic Logistics Company Building Home to logistics and distribution as local industries, there are many companies in ...

NKS architects

Meiken Lamwood Corp. Head Office

Maniwa-city, Okayama, 2019

The Meiken Lamwood corp. is a Japanese leading company of engineered wood. The structural frame system consists of the diagonal grid col...

Organic Design Inc.


Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2019

We were commissioned to create a space that would bring new life (and a new tenant) to the vacant first floor in a 33-year-old rental off...


Sasashima Under an Elevated Railway Office

Nagoya, Aichi, 2022

This office was built under the elevated Shinkansen railway near Nagoya Station. In response to covid-19, we decided that we needed to a...

Case-Real / Koichi Futatsumata Studio


Tokyo, 2022

An office project for a video production firm. Located in a building in Marunouchi, Tokyo, the site had a nice atmosphere with a view of ...

Organic Design Inc.

Two Stories Building

東京都, 2017

Exploring possibilities in commercial tenant buildings Commissioned design of this commercial tenant building was inspired by considerin...

Organic Design Inc.

Enhako Building

Saitama, 2022

A neighborhood perch The Enhaco Building is located between residential neighborhoods and a commercial/government area in the suburbs ...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Roppongi Terrace

Munato-ku, Tokyo, 2020

Diagonal slab connecting small and large landscapes Although the site is located in the center of Roppongi, it is a corner where small...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

JR Yokohama Tower

Kanagawa, 2020

This commercial complex is connected directly to a train station. “Sails” and “ships” embody its architectural concept, and this concept ...

Hayato Komatsu Architects


Hiroshima, 2021

Redefining the customary layout of a roadside city – This project involves the construction of a LC (Lifestyle Culture Market), a complex...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

Kawasaki Delta

Kanagawa, 2021

Finding Diversities of Kawasaki Stretching across east and west, the city of Kawasaki has a diverse landscape, from the lush green Tama ...

Akio Nakasa / Naf Architect & Design

New Factory of Minami Foods

Iwate, 2021

This is a new factory of Minami Foods which produces “yuba” (bean curd skin) in a marginal village which is in danger of disappearing due...



Meguro-Ku, 2000

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Tenjin Business Center

Fukuoka, 2021

OMA’s only built project in Japan up until 2012 can be found in Fukuoka. The Nexus World Housing complex was completed more than twenty-f...


Regeneration of Oita Bank Red Brick Building

Oita city, Oita, 2017

"Kingo TATSUNO Architecture" to "Creative Hub" "Oita Bank Red Brick Building" is an important cultural property in the history of modern...


Street Renovator

Oita City, Oita, 2013

Architecture that gives the town greenness and depth This is a complex building with offices and houses in the city of Oita. We design...

Susumu Matsushita Architecture & Lighting Design Labo.

JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower

Tokyo, 2016

This is an office tower with the architectural design concept of water scenery in harmony with nature. With the station directly connecte...


Annex of Annex

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 2015

Living in the micro-morphology of a city "The site" of this project is a garage at the corner of a 35-year-old residence with a clinic...

STGK Inc. | studio gen kumagai

JR Yokohama Tower

Yokohama, Kanagawa, 2020

"Finding your place at Yokohama station" JR Yokohama Tower is part of a reconstruction project and the landmark structure for the west e...

Tatsuya Nagasaki / Atelier Haretoke

Under a White Roof

Yuki, Ibaraki, 2017

A wooden box wrapped in a white skin This headquarters for a company that develops and manufactures makeup containers required consist...

Niji Architects

Window Office

Saitama-city, Saitama, 2016

Soeda and Associates


Kawasaki, 2020

This is a reconstruction of a construction company that has operated a construction store in this area for three generations. The existin...

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Yoyogi ANNEX

Tokyo, 2010


Environmental Planning Studio

-Nagisa-no-Koban- SEA BRIDGE

Hiroshima, 2021

[design concept] Creating a new focus of interest in the Shimanami Region This is an attempt to bring an up-to-date look to the local be...

Tetsuo Kobori Architects


Hakusan, Ishikawa, 2019

Year : 2019 Category : Office Structure : Steel Frame Landscape Design : Studio Terra Construction : Daiwa House Industry Architec...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Shibuya Stream

Shibuya, Tokyo, 2018

The site is the ruins of Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station. It is a place where it was the first station and the last station of Toyoko L...

Yuji Tanabe Architects


長野県, 2020

A renovation project of a commercial building which was used as a restaurant before into workation offices that was to support a flexible...



Sendai, 2020

A project of renovation.

Hayato Komatsu Architects

Creatore with Plus

Hiroshima, 2020

A place where visitors can experience a new way of working – As reforms in work styles become a hot topic, office design is diversifying,...

Spinglass Architects

Nishihara Shokai Head office

Kagoshima, 2020

【Concept1】 “立地を生かす” 企業の成長や社員の健康を導くシンボルとして、正面に望む桜島とそのエネルギーを最大限に取り込める建築を目指す。 「眺望を妨げない構造計画」 ガラス面側はΦ355.6の細い円柱のみを3.3mピッチで配置し、耐火塗料を採用。 できるだけ存...

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