Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2020 "One Light, Different…

Kyoto, 2020

Exhibited in the Chikuin-no-Ma room at Kondaya Genbei, a renowned purveyor of obi sashes for more than 280 years in the Muromachi kimono ...

Tetsuo Kobori Architects


Hakusan, Ishikawa, 2019

Year : 2019 Category : Office Structure : Steel Frame Landscape Design : Studio Terra Construction : Daiwa House Industry Architec...


Amagasaki Parking Area

Amagasaki, Hyogo, 2019

阪神高速3号線・神戸線上りの高架上にあるパーキングエリア。 およそ270mに及ぶ緑のスクリーンの実現と、高架上での良好な植栽基盤の確保による緑の充実を目指した。細長い敷地に沿う緑のスクリーンは、駐車スペースに面するエリアや建物の背後にあり室内から間近に見られるエリア、ま...


House in Narayama

Akita, 2019

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop


Kyoto, 2018

Until now, the client has chiefly been involved in developing a number of hot-spring facilities. This project is their first venture in d...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Elementary School, Junior High School and…

Kamaishi, Iwate, 2017

Every time we went to the site, we felt the fact that the reconstruction of the disaster area was still on the way, and we felt the gap w...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Bldg.4

京都府京都市, 2017

The university is located in the intersection of Shijo-dori Street and Kadono Oji-dori Street.It takes 10 minutes by car from JR Kyoto St...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Shibuya Stream

Shibuya, Tokyo, 2018

The site is the ruins of Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station. It is a place where it was the first station and the last station of Toyoko L...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Yamamoto Town Office

Yamamoto, Miyagi, 2019

It is a project of the new construction restoration of the Yamamoto Town Office which was greatly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthqu...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Kato Mirai Children Daycare

Kato, Hyogo, 2019

Kato Mirai Children Daycare that opens while protecting the territory of children This building is a kindergarten cooperation type certi...

Coelacanth and Associates Inc.

Toyota City Hall Fujioka & Fujioka Exchange…

Toyota, Aichi, 2019

This building is the Fujioka Branch / Fujioka Koryukan in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. It is a two-story building with a mixed structur...


LivingAnywhere Commons/Collaborations

WhOとLivingAnywhere Commons(LAC)が協働で、全国にあるLACの各拠点で、地域の特色を持った壁紙を創り出すプロジェクト「LOCAL WALLPAPER DESIGN CAMP」を開催し、その地域の魅力を抽出したデザインの中から各回のグランプリ作品を...


Japanese Restaurant in Kamakura

Kamakura, Kanagawa, 2017


Off Grid House in Naruse

Machida, Tokyo, 2016

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Oami Sriasato, Chiba, 2018

This residence located in a suburban Tokyo neighborhood sits adjacent to the client’s mother’s house. It is a new take on the multi-gener...

APOLLO / Satoshi Kurosaki


Tokyo, 2018

It can be described as a “Tokyo-style” urban house built on a small “flagpole” plot (a square plot with a narrow approach) in a residenti...


Villa in Toho Village

Toho, Fukuoka, 2020

Converted an old folk house into a villa.

Jun Ishikawa Architect


Sano, Tochigi, 2020

Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

Tea house in Atami

Atami, Shizuoka, 2019

We were approached by a retired couple to design a tea house, which is a small building of about 60 square meters. The site is located a ...


Ratta Rattarr/Collaborations

デザインとクラフトなどの創造を通して、障がい者の自立支援を行うデザインブランド「Ratta Rattarr(ラッタ ラッタル)」とのコラボレーションによる壁紙11柄15点をリリースしました。 クリエイター(障がい者)が生み出す作品を販売し、利益を還元することによって...


Second house in mountain

Ashigara, Kanagawa, 2017

Mount Fuji Architects Studio


Shizuoka, 2016

Generous form of ‘an umbrella’ The site locates deep inside a small residential area within Tokai region. There is a forest park consi...

Mount Fuji Architects Studio

Roadside Station Mashiko

Mashiko, Tochigi, 2016

Architecture of Scenery Mashiko in Tochigi is well-known for the Mingei (folk crafts) movement, especially ceramic art. We had visited...

Matsuyama Architect and Associates


Imari, Saga, 2018

N Maeda Atelier

ENISHI resort villa

Pénghú, Taiwan, 2018

BRAINHACKING ARCHITECTURE – Seeking for access to unconscious realm of un-planning This small hotel project is located on Penghu Island ...


The Grave of Kamakura Yukinoshita Church

Kanagawa, 2020

This is a renovation project of the grave owned by the church. The site area is 30m2. On the ground level, wide and flat space is needed ...

Tetsuo Kobori Architects

Baiko Gakuin Univerrity-The Learning Station…

Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, 2019

'Three-dimensional network structure as an extension of the city' Baiko Gakuin University’s new school building aims to provide a plac...

Akira Koyama / Key Operation Inc.

Fudomae Voids

東京, 2020

Flat Complex in Tight Frontage, Deep Parcel A five-storey flat complex of 14 units was developed for a parcel along a commercial avenue ...

Takeshi Hirobe Architects

Bended House in Okazaki

Okazaki, Aichi, 2015

I want a big grassy patio." This is where the planning for this residence began. The site is located in the suburbs of Okazaki City, Aic...

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Villa in Yatsugatake

長野, 2008

This vacation home was planned in a resort community which is located at a height of 1,700 meters above sea level at the foot of Yatsugat...


Yuri Himuro/Creators


Tomoyuki Kurokawa Architects

Higashitamagawa apartment

Setagaya, Tokyo, 2020

都心の幹線道路沿いに建つ19戸の集合住宅の計画。 生活においてプライバシーを確保したい場所をボリューム(箱)として、解放したい場所を透過性の高い土間空間(孔)として計画している。孔として位置づけられた土間空間は、外部の都市環境と、建物内部の共用部の両方に対して開かれ、都市環...

Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier

Curved Wall House

Sapporo, 2018

This house is located near a historical park in the city of Sapporo. It is one of the regional characteristics of Sapporo that people oft...



物足りないと感じていた壁紙にスパイスを加え、"新しいけど、使いやすい"パターンを生み出しました。 多様なカラーバリエーションを取り揃えるだけでなく、オリジナルのカラー配合も可能。 新しい壁紙が、空間の表現を広げてくれます。

Yuji Tanabe Architects


長野県, 2020

A renovation project of a commercial building which was used as a restaurant before into workation offices that was to support a flexible...

Katsuhiko Endo Architect and Associates

Villa in Tsurudamari

Nagano, 2010

This is a weekend house in Karuizawa. The client requested a plan in which the public and private spaces were independent from each other...

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